Steve Pileggi or (619)*479*3592

Objectives: As a freelance artist with 32 years of experience,
my goal is to provide unique and profitable products
clients’ and I can be proud of (+ enjoy the process).

Experience: I have worked long distance on projects with
Grolier in Canada & Conn., JP Putnam New York, Who
Moved My Cheese Ut. and developed great working
relations with Art Directors and production staffs. I have
done work for a diverse clientele in many mediums. I have
listed some of the ones closer to home below.

San Diego, Ca
2003 to 2006
Blue Lion Designs
Entrepreneur of company. Responsible for the creation,
design, marketing, and sales. Products include Candles,
Home & Garden Decor.

San Diego, Ca
1998 to 2002
Lava Enterprises
Sculptor & Designer
Designed and sculpted "Animal Spirits" a line of animal themed candles.
Nearly 25 million in sales and still in production. Many other successful lines as well.

San Diego, Ca
1996 to 1998
Healthy Planet
Sculptor Designer
Licensed Bear Tribe characters. A line of miniature
collectible bears that are Native American themed.

San Diego, Ca
1992 to 2002
Partners in learning
Creator & Illustrator
Designed characters for ' Americas Cup Believe Achieve
Succeed program, in addition to numerous educational
programs sold to schools nation wide.

San Diego, Ca
1989 to 1990
Dragonflies Productions
Creator, Illustrator, Designer, Sculptor
Created a production company to develop and market
" Dragonflies" for TV, movies, Books , etc. Development
deal with Marvel Prod. Publishing deal with Oak Tree
presentations to NBC,ABC and Shelly Duvall’s Fairy Tale Theater.

San Juan Capistrano, Ca
1989 to 1982
Harvest Time Production Co.
Character Design
Development and design of "Tummies" Animated series
for TV , books , records, and interactive games.

San Diego, Ca
1979 to 1981
Cartoon Factory
Created "Artoons" and in collaboration with
Don Blackburn promoted cartoons as legitimate art form.
Travelodge, Tinder Box some of our Clients.

San Diego, Ca
1974 to 2006
Wall Graphic Designer
Create original designs for commercial and residential
wall treatments ranging murals to cut outs. Some clients
Children's ward UCSD medical center, Home Federal
Savings, and International House of Pancakes (IHOP).

San Diego, Ca
1972 to 2000
Illustrated children's book series" ValueTales" Famous
people who's lives illustrate a certain value.16 million
sold. National and International.


Who Moved My Cheese for kids
JP Putnum and Sons, 2003 .
Spencer Johnson M.D

The Watchers guide to Dragonflies
San Diego:Oak Tree Publications. Inc. 1986
Patton,Jim Dee Patton and Joan Chase Bowden

In Search of the Dragonflies
San Diego: Oak Tree Publications., 1986
Patton, Jim Dee Patton and Joan Chase Bowden

The Discovery of the Dragonflies
San Diego: Oak Tree Publications. Inc.,1986
Patton, Jim Dee Patton and Joan Chase Bowden

Rock With the Dragonflies
San Diego: Oak Tree Publications.Inc., 1986
Patton, Jim Dee Patton and Joan Chase Bowden

Move with Me, 1, 2, 3.
Exer Fun, 1987
Schade, Charlene

Why Not Be For Real
The Open Mind Book Series
San Diego: Oak Tree Publications. Inc.. 1980
Steve Pileggi

If You Love Your Kids, Don't Let them Grow Up to be Jerks
The Open Mind Book Series
San Diego: Oak Tree Publications. Inc., 1980
Steve Pileggi

Rythm'n'rhym Readers 2 books of the series
Dominie Press Inc. . 1997
Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz

Step By Step 6 book series
Dominie Press.,Inc., 1996
Benji Jamie Morgan

Earlybird Carrousel readers 5 book series
Dominie Press., Inc., 1996-97
Various Authors

Carousel Readers 8 books series
Dominie Press., Inc., 1995-97
Various Authors

Teachers Choice. 7 book series
Dominie Press., Inc. 1996
Various artist

What it means to Be. 23 book series
Grolier Limited, Canada: 1987
Elliot, Jacqueline

ValueTales,43 book series
Oak Tree Publications, Inc., San Diego: 1975-2001
Johnson,M.D.,Spencer and Ann Donegan Johnson

Shortness of Breath, A guide to Better Living & Breathhing.
The CV Mosby Company, St. Loius:1975,1980,1983
and 2003 Moser M.D., Kenneth M., et al.

So Whose a 10 in a world of 1 to 9 ?
Ventures International, San Diego: 1981,85
Carmody,Lele and Kathy Conheim

Move With Me 1, 2, 3.
Exer Fun, San Diego, 1987
Sharlene Schade

Robots, Wild Life,Fairy Tales, and Dragonflies.
Four 3-D coloring Books
San Diego: OakTree Publications. Inc., 1986
Wexler, Howard (creator) and Ray Zone 3-D mode

Kids & Cash: Solving a Parents Delemma
Oak Tree Publications., San Diego:1979
Davis, Ken and Tom Taylor

The Students survival Guide to San Diego
Humbird Hopkins Inc., San Diego; 1978
Peters, Barbara and Phil Hopkins

The Mystery Story
Publishers Inc., Del Mar: 1976
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Grandmother's Heart
Bethany Fellowship, Inc., Minneapolis: 1980
Patton, Jim and Dee Patton

Move with Me, from A to Z
The Wright Group, San Diego: 1982
Schade, Charlene